Next Movie

By Travis Fischer


Building a better app for finding great movies has been on my proverbial todo list for awhile. With Next.js 13's paradigm shift, I thought it'd be the perfect time to build it and open source my learnings along the way.

App Features

  • Advanced movie search by rating, genre, release date, etc
  • All movies include YouTube trailers
  • Most movies include IMDB rating, RT audience score, and RT critic score
  • Supports grid view, list view, and single movie view
  • High quality movie database

Movie Database

Populates a full database of movies from TMDB and IMDB into Postgres.

Under the hood, this app uses populate-movies to generate it's high quality movie database, featuring:

  • ~73k movies (filtered from ~750k TMDB "movies")
  • Metadata from TMDB, IMDB, and Rotten Tomatoes
  • Automatable pipeline
  • Custom post-processing
    • Selects the best available YouTube trailer for every movie
    • Relevancy scores using a combination of popularity, rating, and release date
    • Nuanced foreign movie detection that looks at more than just language/country
    • LQIP preview image generation for all movie images
    • Basic text index for searching
  • Open source using TS + Prisma + Postgres


This project is open source. MIT © Travis Fischer

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